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The Detective-Team DSH Stuttgart on the topic “Ill is ill”

In many companies this laconic maxim is the resigned reaction to a sick note handed in by employees. Of course the employee on sick leave is missed at the workplace. It is therefore in the interest of each employer that the sick employee returns to work completely cured, healthy and productive, ready to tackle the tasks at hand.

Sometimes however ill is not really ill.

Once the sick note has been handed in to the HR department the company suffers a loss which it must not necessarily accept. Contrary to rumour, labour law clearly states which rights and duties an employee has and which activities are allowed during the period of illness.

If you as an employer suspect that an employee has taken sick leave illegitimately then you can contact the detective team DSH Stuttgart. A precise analysis of the employee’s absenteeism can deliver valuable findings. We check in each individual case discretely and professionally whether an absent employee is behaving according to his rights and duties as laid down by labour law.