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Detective Agency Stuttgart Detective Team DSH, Private Investigator Stuttgart, Economic Investigator Stuttgart: German Detective Wolfgang Hasenmaier, Private Investigation Agency Owner

Wolfgang Hasenmaier comes from an investigators family and lives his profession. As a teenager – enthusiastic about the detective movie classic Chinatown – he made the firm decision to establish his own Detective Agency as an adult. In 1986, at the very young age of 19 years, he founded his Detective Agency DSH in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. In undercover investigations and infiltrations he learned firsthand – directly from the target people – about the subtleties of professional criminals. In particular, about the weak points deep in mind where he can grab fraudsters and other corporate criminals efficiently. His highly advanced and daily practiced English language skills are accordingly helpful in international business intelligence investigations.

Detective Agency DSH: Zero tolerance for the deceptive practices of your opponents!

On a certain level of difficulty, a real expert replaces any number of amateurs. Since 1986, Wolfgang Hasenmaier has therefore been continuously working on his very own network of experts. Since 1998 also internationally. The Detective Agency DSH has a permanent base of employees covering the basic investigations such as observations.

In the phases of the funnel process our experts come into play. Wolfgang Hasenmaier’s own specializations include uncovering fraudsters, especially economic fraudsters. And obtaining purposeful key and background information. For example, when searching, tracing and recovering illegally hidden assets of investment and bankruptcy fraudsters. Or investigating against disloyal confidants.

Competence counts, individuality wins

Another example of our specializations: Accordingly applied, one of the most powerful tools in investigations is the spoken word. Contrary to popular perception, it often beats so many other actions by far. Institutions such as the FBI and the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) are aware of this effectiveness, too. Our Detective Agency’s Head of Investigation in the discipline of discreet questioning under pretext lectured for two decades at the BKA as a guest lecturer. Inter alia he worked for an Attorney General and for the Governor of a German state. Three decades of successful professional practice in a complex subject speak for themselves.

Our Detective Agency DSH has a proven excellent reputation for the investigation of complex economic crimes, from regional to international level. In addition to our headquarters in Stuttgart we run direct branch offices in Ludwigsburg, Schorndorf, Fellbach and in Salem near Lake Constance where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet. Outside of Baden-Württemberg we have established and continuously enhanced a nationwide and international network of experts and technicians from various disciplines. Technology – used target-oriented and permitted by law – is also of great relevance for us.

How others judge us

The DSH has proven first-class references from

  • law firms
  • managing directors
  • entrepreneurs
  • businessmen
  • managers
  • and the Chairman of the Board of a globally operating bank.

Corresponding references will be submitted if necessary.

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