Regional, German-wide and international investigations

Detective Agency DSH: From Stuttgart to the world
Regional, German-wide and international investigations

We live in an age of continuous change. We at the private investigation agency Detective Team DSH, headquartered in Stuttgart, interpret those changes as new chances, quite often unlocking a powerful potential for new successes in future investigations and inquiries. With this in mind our founder and owner Wolfgang Hasenmaier has been fine-tuning our network since 1986 continuously: experts, connections and detectives worldwide.

Wherever you may have matters to be resolved – for example in the Stuttgart area, in Germany, in Europe or in the USA – our detective agency for economic and private investigations has hand-picked connections both at regional and national level in all of Germany as well as at international to worldwide level. This saves greater travel expenses in many cases. Moreover, no one knows local characteristics, mentalities and needs better than the top investigators and detectives located and verified there on site. This is often conducive to a high success rate. For more information about our success rate, please refer to our References. Upon request we will inform you about further references personally, including other lawyers and managing directors of medium-sized companies as well as corporations.

Detective Wolfgang Hasenmaier, Agency-OwnerOwner Wolfgang Hasenmaier:
"We investigate discretely and practice-oriented for your best interests & profits!"
  • Owner-operated!
  • Probably rare feature in the field of German PIs: Top-References! I.a. from Bank Chairmen, Firm Owners and Law Firms!
  • Approaches/connections refined · Continuously for over 25 years!
  • For Business and Private
  • 6 locations in Germany
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Regional, nationwide and international investigations

“Regional to worldwide – what does that actually mean?”

This question is often asked when customers for the first time get in touch with our detective agency in Stuttgart, Germany, and have not got to know us closer yet. Especially considering that our private investigation agency was founded by detective Wolfgang Hasenmaier in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg in 1986 and still has its headquarters there. That’s a good thing! Because every serious company needs a firmly rooted location which pulls all the strings. In particular a private investigation agency such as the DSH which is at the highest level of discretion and efficiency. Especially when it comes to complex cases of both economic crime and private matters. Emotional concerns are not less important than economic concerns, contrary to popular opinion. As a basic principle, of course, the interests and concerns of our clients are always kept confidential without exception.

Detective Agency Stuttgart as control center

Stuttgart is our main center – our home base, as it would be called in the USA. From here we come. Here we are at home. We know this place best. Our detective agency’s founder and owner Wolfgang Hasenmaier grew up in the Stuttgart district of West and went to school in the Friedrich-Eugens-Gymnasium Stuttgart. Before he established his private detective agency for economic and private investigations in 1986 at the age of 24: Detective Agency Stuttgart Detective Team DSH. Subsequently, as an undercover investigator in Stuttgart and South Germany, he learned about organized crime at first hand. On some days he learned more about criminals than on a long-term education. Particularly for the detection of fraud of any kind.

We quickly developed a local and regional network of detectives and a networking enabling our detectives and investigators to be active in investigations throughout Baden-Württemberg. So we set up further detective offices or investigative bureaus in addition to our Stuttgart detective agency’s headquarters (Furtbachstraße 10A, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany). First concentrated in the center of Stuttgart, which provided us short distances in all directions in the Stuttgart region in order to remain flexible and agile. Then in the neighboring Rems-Murr area: our detective offices Detective Agency Fellbach and Detective Agency Schorndorf. And in the east direction our Detective Agency Ludwigsburg. By founding our branch office Detective Agency Salem near Lake Constance our Detective Team DSH around Wolfgang Hasenmaier managed to dock locally where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet. Plus France and Liechtenstein. For this reason, we are regarded as a very well linked supplier among experts, particularly in the southern German region. As one of the most widely ramified detective agencies in South Germany.

The strongly networked detective team of our detective agency has thus created a basis for performing investigative operations for you quickly, discreetly and purposefully from our Stuttgart headquarters, from the center of Baden-Württemberg. Since 1989 nationwide throughout Germany. During the long-standing professional practice of Wolfgang Hasenmaier professional contacts throughout the entire federal territory were established. Especially for dealing with extensive, complex frauds. So our detective agency’s nationwide network of German investigators and experts has been growing successively. And continues to grow. Wolfgang Hasenmaier is always keen to make use of new possibilities through new contacts with experts. Including new technologies.

Our Stuttgart Detectives: Investigations without borders

Our Stuttgart detective agency Detective Team DSH has particularly proven expertise and in-depth knowledge i. a. in the investigation of illegally hidden assets of economic fraudsters, e. g. investment swindlers or insolvency fraudsters. And in the procurement of purposeful background and key information, also concerning private matters. Or hidden asset tracing and recovery, net worth as well as due diligence. In a globalized world like nowadays economic crime does not stop at the national borders. The contrary is the case. Economic crime – or white-collar crime – is limitless.

Wolfgang Hasenmaier is half American. His advanced English language skills are accordingly helpful in international business intelligence investigations. Since 1998 our detective agency Detective Team DSH has been positioning itself globally linked-up. Since 1998 Mr. Hasenmaier has been networking internationally. Especially in English-speaking countries. Thereby our detectives also deal with complex cases that go beyond the borders of Germany. Here, too, one of our American principles comes into effect: Solution-oriented „can do!“ Regional, German-wide and international to worldwide contacts with experts as well as the well-developed extensive connections, which our private investigation agency with origin Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, has been maintaining and cultivating for decades, provide the basic prerequisites for successful investigations. Thus we can investigate for our clients discreetly and purposefully both in the Stuttgart region, in Baden-Württemberg and throughout Germany as well as abroad.

This is documented by references. Just one example: Reference Law Firm Bauer & Coll.

Our Detective Agency Stuttgart has been and still is on the road for our clients in all German state capitals as well as many major German and European cities such as London in England, Edinburgh in Scotland or Zurich, St. Gallen and Bern in Switzerland. With our Detective Agency Salem in the so-called Dreiländereck and its close proximity to Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and France. For assignments in the neighboring state Bavaria anyway. As a competent, renowned German detective agency for economic and private investigations we are frequently commissioned for investigative operations overseas. The references of our clients from the management of firms, banks and insurance companies are particularly beneficial in this respect. For example, for detective missions in Dallas, TX, New York City, NY, Orlando, FL, or Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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