Compensation / Severance / Redundancy Payment

  • You have paid a compensation to a former employee or business partner?
  • You suspect that the concluded contract for the severance pay is not complied with?
  • Is a former employee acting illegally for a competitor despite redundancy payment?
  • Do you suspect that business secrets could have been betrayed? Breach of secrecy?
  • We procure evidence of the occurred breach of contract as well as for your claim for damages.

Compensation / Severance / Redundancy Payment

Is a contract for the arrangement of a redundancy payment complied with?

If a company dismisses an employee by contract cancellation, termination, or dismissal, this is often associated with an appropriate redundancy payment as a compensation measure. The definite amount of the severance pay is a matter for negotiation by the contracting parties. However, the compensation paid as a severance indemnity is also subject to conditions: For example, that your former business partner or employee must not set up on one’s own in the same line of business for a clearly defined period of time or get employed in a competing company. Hence the redundancy payment as compensation / indemnity.

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What about the compliance with such a severance indemnity arrangement in practice?

The experiences of our detective agency Detective Team DSH from professional practice show that in most cases at the basis of a corresponding reasonable suspicion there is a breach of contract regarding the compensation and consideration. Not uncommonly a former employee is active for one of the toughest competitors despite having received indemnity payments. And bringing along valuable, highly sensitive inside information or data from the previous employer – as a facilitating entrée so to say. Data and knowledge delivered free to the door. So without the original, often significant personnel and development costs. Correspondingly damaging and aggressively former employees, business partners, or criminal competitors can act on the market. This is an indictable offence: breach of secrecy.

Or the cashed severance pay is used as start-up capital to establish an own entrepreneurship in the same sector, taking advantage of unlawfully taken know-how. Thus the redundancy payment made can also be understood as a decree – or not: Many former employees consider this payment rather as a special bonus or remuneration, as an additional allowance, an extra pay.

Don’t put up with breach of contract!

In order to make your former employee or business partner accountable for his / her repudiatory conduct you need clear and authoritative evidence. This is where our detective agency for economic and private investigations headquartered in Stuttgart comes in. We verify your suspicion and identify evidence that can be used in court. Our detectives and investigators are available as appropriate witnesses for your lawsuit. For an out-of-court conflict resolution, which is preferred by quite a few clients, our highly experienced C-level detectives will be at your disposal to deal with demanding negotiation techniques. For example, the founder and owner of our Stuttgart detective agency, Wolfgang Hasenmaier.

If in the course of our detective investigations your suspicion proves to be correct, we will clarify the extent to which the breach of contract has occurred, and since when. This is of considerable relevance, especially for your claim to recourse. You may be entitled to compensation and full refund of the severance pay as well. Together with one of our specialized law firms we are happy to help you clarifying your claims for reimbursement and possible demands for damages against the person(s) causing the loss or damage.

Our detective agency Detective Team DSH – headquartered in Stuttgart and with other branch detective offices in Fellbach, Schorndorf, Ludwigsburg and in Salem near Lake Constance, where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet – is able to investigate for you throughout Germany as well as internationally. Our private investigators and experts have many years of professional experience on site. In addition, we have interview experts for discreet investigations on the spot as well as admissible detective technology for knowledge acquisition and the procurement of usable information.

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