Due Diligence / Risk review / In-depth check

A due diligence check aims to target weak spots susceptible to internal and external criminals and to eliminate them. The same is true in the case of already existing deficiencies. Preliminary investigations into damage that has already occurred are challenging, as serious fraud happens in secret. Co-perpetrators develop close bonds, as they have common interests, such as their enormous greed and desire to avoid prosecution for criminal offences that they have already committed. Independent “investigation” by amateurs can set their alarm bells ringing, something that favours, rather than puts an end to, their crimes. Investigation through plant security is also discouraged, especially when the possibility of their complicity has not been ruled out.

On the other hand, as external investigators we emphasise discretion and loyalty to the client, free from workplace peer pressure. For that reason too, we can conduct much freer, better and more enlightening investigations.

Below we have listed a partial list of anomalies and suspicious incidents that require action in accordance with their frequency:

  • A strikingly large desertion of the customer base to the competition
  • Behavioural anomalies on the part of decision-makers
  • A lifestyle that exceeds known income
  • Particularly creative bonus arrangements
  • An excessive number of bonus recipients
  • Sponsorship by external parties
  • Former management maintains close relationships with former colleagues
  • Excessive “loyalty” to negatively performing external and internal players
  • Excessive, unmonitored power – into which category some supposedly “non-suspicious” professional fields fall particularly frequently, in our experience
  • An inconsistent choice of external suppliers in mercantile terms
  • An unexpected absence of comparison quotes
  • Arbitrary external meetings
  • Arbitrary changes to plans
  • Unchanged occupation of potentially fraudulent positions
  • No double sign-off of corresponding procedures
  • Anomalies in economic reports
  • Borderline book-keeping
  • Budgets repeatedly exceeded
  • Lack of management authority
  • Incomplete documentation of manufacturing and business processes
  • Chaotic record-keeping
  • Increase in production errors
  • Careless warehouse management
  • Increase in errors in the inventory list
  • Disregard for regulations
  • Employees earn fabulous amounts through secondary activity
  • With our team of detectives the possibility of eliminating deficiencies is extremely high.

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