Observation / Personal Monitoring

Observation Detective Agency Stuttgart: Suspicion of deceptive practices? The private investigators of our detective agency Detective Team DSH Stuttgart observe, monitor and investigate discreetly!

Both in private and in business context circumstances can arise in which you are betrayed. Of course you do not want to blame anyone unjustifiably. Nevertheless you need clarifying certainty. Concerning this our German detective agency Detective Team DSH – headquartered in Stuttgart and with its other branch offices detective agency Ludwigsburg, detective agency Schorndorf, detective agency Fellbach and detective agency Salem near Lake Constance – offers an arsenal of proven practices. By the targeted use of appropriate monitoring methods such as observation and verification our private investigators are able to clarify whether you are actually the victim of reprehensible, illegitimate actions. With a high success rate. After analysis of the relevant information, detailed consultation, and expert advice, and after discussion about our approach we start investigating and observing. You will receive a detailed observation report as well as a consultation on the conversion or utilization of our observational findings, if desired.

Observation / Personal Monitoring: Further processing

Our detective agency’s owner Wolfgang Hasenmaier also has a long-term experience in the practical use of information, findings, and evidence against damage causers – directly from his vita as an investigator. Far more than just theoretical knowledge about observation, personal monitoring, or surveillance. A practical experience with which he will be glad to help you after the observations and investigations have been completed.

Detective Wolfgang Hasenmaier, Agency-OwnerOwner Wolfgang Hasenmaier:
"We investigate discretely and practice-oriented for your best interests & profits!"
  • Owner-operated!
  • Probably rare feature in the field of German PIs: Top-References! I.a. from Bank Chairmen, Firm Owners and Law Firms!
  • Approaches/connections refined · Continuously for over 25 years!
  • For Business and Private
  • 6 locations in Germany
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Regional, nationwide and international investigations

Judicial procedure

In all measures taken by our observers, detectives, and investigators we are guided by the legal standards and statutory requirements. In personal monitoring or observations the investigators of our detective agency use only such methods, including technology, which are permitted by law. Our clients can therefore be sure that the results of our monitoring are recognized as admissible in court.

Your right: The commissioning of an observation / a personal monitoring to protect your interests

You would like to monitor a suspicious person in your private environment or business sphere? Everyone has already had the bad experience that unduly trust is commonly abused by some fellow men as a weakness. Often with significant consequences. You want to have certainty about a business relationship, that it is what it pretends to be. For example, a new contact who wants to enter into an agreement with you – the review of which is an urgent matter. This does not exclude already existing business contacts which have a „creative“ accounting. Or the alienation of important employees or customers. And much else. Verification of whether the new partner is loyal or not is also definitely justified, given appropriate relevance and corresponding initial suspicion.

Trust, but verify!

Our German private investigation agency Detective Team DSH carries out the appropriate check and reconnaissances, gathers information, and takes the accompanying steps to get you exactly the clarity you need. We apply steadily improved monitoring methods to identify and examine the social background of a certain person, his / her past, exact whereabouts, daily routine, mental or financial condition, or activities etc. Our detectives take results-oriented and discreet observations and investigations. Nationwide in Germany as well as internationally. For the purposeful pursuit of your legitimate interests.

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