Copyright and Product Piracy

The object of product piracy and trademark counterfeiting is to produce goods which look exactly like the original.  These imitations are cheaper to produce and sell due to savings made in expenses for research and forgers can make huge profits with these goods. As an entrepreneur you can suffer considerable economic damage. Your customers will be deceived and as the producer of these goods you can suffer huge economic losses. Our economic detective agency finds evidence so that such deceptive practises can be stopped. You can find more about our success rate under references.

Protection of intellectual property is one of the fundamental conditions for successful economic management in the area of innovation and business. Creativity and the respectively high expenditure for development are part of the history of many successful industrial products, from machines to software. Patents, trademarks and copyrights have been put in place to protect these assets. Not everyone abides by the rules and some entrepreneurs  at trade fairs and sales marts are in for a nasty surprise.

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In many cases criminal behaviour is present amongst the competition and your own workforce. Even if there are no recognisable indications of criminal dealings withing your own company, product and trademark rights can be infringed upon through spying and circumventing protective measures, for example through software piracy. During our investigations we target the instigators – to protect your property.

Our detectives have manifold possibilities to carry out investigations and research both nationally and internationally: For example by  retracing the flow of goods or discovering secret warehouses and counterfeiting workshops.

Do you suspect that you are a victim of product piracy or trademark counterfeiting? Contact our economic detective agency. We can inform you about the possibilities available to proceed against these thefts.