Our economical detective agency is a specialist in research for fighting economic crime. Our experienced economic investigators and private detectives often help in solving problematic cases which arise in businesses.

Research by our economic detective agency – example cases in the field

  • You have doubts about the solvency or the integrity of one of your business contacts?
  • Compliance with contractual agreements needs to be verified?
  • The competition has gained illegal access to internal corporate information?
  • Part of your customer base is drifting away to a competitor?
  • A debtor has moved to an unknown address?
  • Your professional business environment is being destroyed systematically? Who and what is behind this?
  • And much more

Information, verification and clarity form the foundation for your business decisions. An optimisation in this area can bring you considerable economic advantages.

We can often help clarify or solve such cases as mentioned above as well as many more.  At your request we will consult and support you with a strategic analysis and implementation of the information gained during our investigations.

Detective Wolfgang Hasenmaier, Agency-OwnerOwner Wolfgang Hasenmaier:
"We investigate discretely and practice-oriented for your best interests & profits!"
  • Owner-operated!
  • Probably rare feature in the field of German PIs: Top-References! I.a. from Bank Chairmen, Firm Owners and Law Firms!
  • Approaches/connections refined · Continuously for over 25 years!
  • For Business and Private
  • 6 locations in Germany
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Regional, nationwide and international investigations