Premarital Background Checks

You suspect that the person you want to marry, to whom you want to entrust yourself, does not act in the interest of full disclosure? Deals dishonestly with you – in an underhanded manner – or deceives? Regardless of how much you would like to trust him or her: If there is an initial suspicion, it is important to make sure before getting married. The best way to protect your possessions, your well-being, and everything else you intend to share with a partner is a discreet, premarital verification. Our German private investigation agency Detective Team DSH carries out premarital background checks for you in case of corresponding abnormalities.

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Premarital Background Checks II

We recommend that you investigate the causes if one or more of the following behaviors or suspicious facts occur:

  • Does your partner avoid talking about the past?
  • Or are his / her descriptions very much constructed?
  • Do you know the family and the close friends of your better half?
  • Is there any significant interest in your finances?
  • Does your partner for life conceal his / her motherhood or fatherhood?
  • Do you suspect that your boyfriend or girlfriend already cheats you?
  • You are engaged and want to decide whether a marriage contract is needed?
  • Do you harbor a suspicion against your future son-in-law or daughter-in-law?
  • Comes the bridegroom or the bride from an unknown place of origin abroad?
  • Etc.

Our detective agency Detective Team DSH offers you help by discreet investigations regarding premarital checks of any kind, suspicion of fraud, being unfaithful, playing around, cheating, infidelity, bigamy, or marriage impostors. Our long-term experience: In 50–60 % of the cases we can give all-clear signal.

So test therefore, who join forever

Pursue suspicious facts target-oriented

Who wants to enter into the bond of marriage should be sure to have found the right person for it. Marriage is a big thing. A reality check does certainly not damage a marriage based on gratifying circumstances. In order to experience no unpleasant surprises when the marriage is closed. The decades-long experience of our detectives proves that it is not advisable to marry without knowing the relevant truth about the bride-to-be or bridegroom-to-be. The whole truth.

The detective agency Detective Team DSH for economic and private investigations, headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, has more than 25 years of practical experience for the discreet clarification of uncertainties before marriage. We can verify your initial suspicion. Discreetly and before the wedding!

Abuse of confidence, lies, infidelity, unfaithfulness, false identity, fraud, a double life, and much else: The list of possible painful discoveries is long. Here, if your suspicion is true, the premise is that it’s better to make a painful break than draw out the agony. In addition to possible major financial losses, a disastrous chain reaction by betrayed trust is imminent: with unmanageable psychological, health, or occupational implications.

Moreover, a verification that leads to the all-clear is a great relief.

Create certainty – discreetly – before marriage!

No matter whether man or woman: The suspicion alone that the future partner might have a so-called second face demoralizes and results in a limited capacity. In the case of an appropriate initial suspicion don’t be afraid to trust our detective agency. The private investigators of our detective staff are trained psychologically in order to discreetly investigate also complex private matters with the necessary sensitivity. Reveal abuse of confidence, identify fraud, create certainty, or – as fortunately also happens – find that a suspicion is not true: Contact us before sharing time of your life with the wrong person.

The detectives of our Stuttgart detective agency investigate discreetly, safely, and purposefully. Experiences from other types of investigations are also applied. If desired, our detective agency will invoice through one of our non-branch subsidiaries, so that no detective service will appear in the accounting.

In order to carry out premarital background checks for you we can extend across the Stuttgart region, if required, with our other investigative bureaus: detective agency Ludwigsburg, detective agency Schorndorf, detective agency Fellbach and detective agency Salem near Lake Constance, where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet. Or investigate nationwide all over Germany as well as internationally with our detectives and connections, if necessary.

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