Computer forensics

Computer forensics, also known as IT forensics or digital forensics, deals with the examination of suspicious occurrences related to IT systems as well as the establishment of the crime and the perpetrator through acquisition, analysis and evaluation of digital traces in computer systems.

Data theft, data manipulation and data misuse are rapidly on the increase. In the year 2000 the police statistics only recorded 538 offences according to §202a StGB (Spying out??? data). In 2008 almost 8000 cases were recorded.
(Source: Wikipedia).

Computer crime can cause considerable economic damage and lead to substantial subsequent costs.

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In spite of the ubiquity of IT applications in everyday and economic life many victims are taken by surprise by computer crime and do not react appropriately to criminal offences on the internet. The analysis of such offences,  computer forensics and the preservation of evidence demand both technical and criminological know-how. Only with this know-how can the criminals be caught and prosecuted, as they often leave only marginal digital traces.

Our agency‘s possibilities in computer forensics

We conduct examinations of data media, to follow up on initial suspicions as early as possible. Computer forensics help to find the perpetrator, to recognize the criminal methods used and to define further weak spots. Manipulation and sabotage of computers and the theft of corporate secrets is made extremely difficult. Contrary to popular opinion very few computer criminals are actually “geniuses”, appropriate measures have every potential for success.

We research and investigate in cases of computer crime discretely and competently and deliver an extensive report of the occurrence along with a synopsis of the evidence which can be submitted to a court of law.

Furthermore our economic detective agency examines your IT infrastructure preemptively for weak spots, unwanted data leaks, spyware and malware.