Economic Investigations

Your Plus: Our experience of 30+ years of continually optimized practice in our field.

One of the most efficient ways to ensure and further the profitability, security and efficiency of your business is your improved knowledge of reliable and decisive economic insight and of strategic findings.

Due to the continuously increasing competition on the market, which includes for example unfair and crooked competitors, the implementation and application of advanced solutions and strategies is essential for  optimizing your business in a profound way. In many of our cases harm and disadvantages are not only caused by external impacts, even our client’s  fraudulent employees are engaged in such circumstances.

To ensure and further enlarge the development of your business we apply a bunch of methods for collecting, processing, analyzing and verifying the recovered data regarding applicants, employees, competitors, debtors, potential markets and many other risks & opportunities.

Detective Wolfgang Hasenmaier, Agency-OwnerOwner Wolfgang Hasenmaier:
"We investigate discretely and practice-oriented for your best interests & profits!"
  • Owner-operated!
  • Probably rare feature in the field of German PIs: Top-References! I.a. from Bank Chairmen, Firm Owners and Law Firms!
  • Approaches/connections refined · Continuously for over 25 years!
  • For Business and Private
  • 6 locations in Germany
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Regional, nationwide and international investigations


Your intuition and creativity using our portfolio in justified business matters:

  • Background investigations: e. g. regarding creditworthiness, reputation and integrity
  • Checking the financial probity of your business contacts
  • Collection: Depth check of solvency for optimized collection of still outstanding accounts
  • Competitive Intelligence: Termination of unfair practices of employees, suppliers, competitors etc.
  • Copyright and related rights: Fight against patent theft, product piracy and counterfeiting
  • Counter-Investigation: e. g. against infiltration or criminal data collection
  • Defense against white-collar crime
  • Due Diligence Investigation: Risk assessment of business contacts with due diligence
  • Fight against insurance fraud, submission of false claims or other delinquencies
  • Fighting corruption: Prevention and conviction of corrupt employees, suppliers, competitors etc.
  • Headhunting, review of applicants or employees due to a reasonable suspicion
  • Hidden Asset Search, Tracing & Recovery: Determining and repatriation of hidden assets
  • Inheritance matters: Realization of your legitimate interests, findings, evidence
  • Intelligence Service (HUMINT, OPINT): Acquisition of key information for legitimate interests
  • Investigations against fraudsters of any kind: e. g. insolvency offenders or investment swindlers
  • Investigations against thieves and traitors: e. g. because of embezzlement or breach of secrecy
  • IT forensics: Computer forensics and forensic data analysis, securing of digital evidence
  • Net Worth
  • Observation
  • Optimization Consult / Services
  • Outplacement
  • Person Search: e. g. heirs or missing persons, whereabouts
  • Protection from eavesdropping: Detection of and defense against eavesdropping
  • Reconnaissance: Investigation, information, research and evidence
  • Reputation Management: Zero tolerance for slander and defamation!
  • Screening: Are the facts, the intended business or the target person the real deal?
  • Security Check
  • Verification of adherence to contracts or agreements made with you
  • Verification of irregularities
  • Verification of sick leave
  • Etc.

Every case is unique. Further details can be discussed in person. Just call

Our detective team – growing since 1986 – consists of specialists from various fields. In addition to that, we have a multitude of 1st class contacts to experts around the world. We employ experts in the fields of:

  • Social engineering
  • Due diligence
  • Background research
  • Research into networks
  • Discreet surveys under a pretext
  • Observation
  • Operative case analyses
  • IT forensics
  • Protection from eavesdropping
  • Other technology