Corrupt staff members

Corrupt staff members

The head office of our Stuttgart business detective agency specialises in securing convictions of corrupt staff members. Our experienced detective team works at it both effectively and in a highly efficient manner.

Depending on the size of the client, in the majority of our cases this means several hundred thousand euro of losses avoided per criminal. In cases involving management, several million euro is no rarity. The multiplication effect can come into play, particularly if corrupt staff members remain undiscovered for years. A case study:

Crime scene, place of work: Corrupt staff members

The owner of a business came to our detectives with reasonable suspicion that his/her sales manager might have contacts to the competition harmful to the business. After only a month’s investigation, that initially vague suspicion was found not only to have a basis but also to be demonstrable in a legal sense. Our fast, dedicated and highly discreet team of detectives uncovered several criminal offences committed by the corrupt staff member:

  • the creation of sales plans for our toughest competitor
  • the embezzlement of company funds – 1.6 million euro in a single deal with an intermediary
  • passing on sales-relevant information, including client and price records
  • passing on research and production data

The success of the efficient investigations by our detectives motivated our clients to keep them working for another two weeks. So it was that our detective team could secure the conviction of further criminals: the head of the company’s IT department, as well as three long-serving, seemingly deserving employees.

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Fraud endangers livelihoods

Had the case not been efficiently investigated, the client would now be bankrupt and the jobs of several hundred innocent people would have been destroyed. Instead of that, through the legally admissible evidence of our investigators, specialists and lawyers, criminal offenders were removed from the economy. The sales manager and the IT supervisor can expect long jail sentences for the offences.

Thus our Stuttgart economic detectives settled the case conclusively, whereby the accomplices and customers of the main perpetrator – the owner of our client’s rival – was confronted with the body of evidence. As a result, the latter chose not to use the stolen data.

Protect your legitimate interests

Do not let your life’s work be destroyed by economic fraud and corruption. Take timely action on suspicious incidents. We are always available for any further questions.

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