Marital Fidelity Verification

  • Do you suspect your spouse (wife / husband) cheating you?
  • Do you believe that your marriage partner has a secret, extramaritally affair?
  • You want to know whether your trust is abused and whether your once great love is unfaithful?
  • You want to decide whether a marriage contract, marriage counseling, or divorce is necessary?
  • Our private detective agency Detective Team DSH provides you with discreet information about marital fidelity or infidelity, fraud, adultery, marriage impostors, bigamy, or other matrimonial offenses and marital problems of all kinds.

Marital Fidelity Checks

The gray theory states that work and private life are usually strictly separate from each other. However, the case studies of our German detective agency for business and private investigations, headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, teach us the opposite. Unpleasant private circumstances and problems do not only hurt privately. Business activities and finances are affected by relationship problems, too.

Detective Wolfgang Hasenmaier, Agency-OwnerOwner Wolfgang Hasenmaier:
"We investigate discretely and practice-oriented for your best interests & profits!"
  • Owner-operated!
  • Probably rare feature in the field of German PIs: Top-References! I.a. from Bank Chairmen, Firm Owners and Law Firms!
  • Approaches/connections refined · Continuously for over 25 years!
  • For Business and Private
  • 6 locations in Germany
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Regional, nationwide and international investigations

Discreet verifications by our private investigators

Approach marital problems target-oriented

Our detective agency Detective Team DSH Stuttgart for private investigations and economic investigations has professional experience for more than 25 years in discreet clarifying and coping of ambiguity in marriage. If the partner in life is unfaithful, this is usually very painful for the affected person. Fraud leaves disappointed confidence and involves an injury in private life hard to bear. No matter whether man or woman. Particularly with regard to marriage. Especially if you are hornswoggled by a marriage impostor or cheater.

Private problems, such as a marital crisis, infidelity, divorce, or marriage fraud, often cause a bad chain reaction – the consequences: health, psychological, occupational, and financial impairments, stress, and a limited performance in working life. Even the suspicion that the partner might not be faithful, that he or she could be lying and playing around, demoralizes. So don’t be afraid to trust our detective agency if there is a concrete initial suspicion. It is necessary to break the cycle.

Clear up suspicion of infidelity, create certainty

The private investigators of our Stuttgart detective agency are psychologically trained to discreetly verify marital fidelity, also in complex private matters, with the necessary sensitivity. Reveal adultery, expose the adulterers, reveal abuse of confidence, identify fraud, provide certainty, or – as fortunately also happens – find out that the suspicion is not true: Contact us confidently.

Discretion and security are paramount

Even though we – as real investigators – naturally are interested in finding less beautiful: We will be happy for the client if a suspicion against a supposed cheater proves to be absolutely unfounded. The investigators of our German detective agency investigate discreetly, safely, and purposefully. Experiences from other types of investigations are also applied. On request, our detective agency will invoice through one of our non-branch subsidiaries, so that no private investigation service will appear in the accountancy.

In order to help you out of your distress we can spread across the Stuttgart region with our other investigative bureaus: detective agency Ludwigsburg, detective agency Schorndorf, detective agency Fellbach and detective agency Salem near Lake Constance, where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet. With our detective connections we are also able to carry out private investigations all over Germany as well as international or worldwide investigations, if necessary.

Evidence – reliable and admissible in court

If a suspicion proves to be justified, our detective agency Detective Team DSH will investigate clear and authoritative evidence for your interests. If the breach of trust and marital unfaithfulness can not be overcome consensually, we will be happy to be on hand with help and advice for you with regard to divorce as well as possible following processes, e. g. maintenance. If desired, we can put you in contact with a qualified divorce lawyer from our professional network of experts.

Last but not least: Our detective agency Stuttgart also has a very good mediator, who has contributed to a harmonization in quite a few seemingly hopeless cases.

On adultery often follows maintenance fraud

When it comes to divorce of the marriage partners due to marital infidelity, the subject of maintenance payments will become the focus of attention. Unfortunately, our detective team has the experience that in the case of a marriage cheater often the payment of the alimony is not to be expected reliably. Or that with the new lover financial circumstances are present which are deliberately withheld or concealed in claims for support. Adulterers are very fond of cheating with regard to maintenance.

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